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Virgin Hair Points-of-Difference

Higher quality over the medium term (6-months) – instead of highlighting 2- or 3-year lifespan, state that virgin hair retains a great quality after six months of heavy use compared to remy where six months of use the hair suffers heavy degradation and is almost unusable. This point satisfies short-term emotional needs (months ahead versus years ahead) and compares virgin directly to remy quality. This is especially important if you style your hair day or re-color regularly. Consistent color across strands – as virgin hair comes from one to two donors, the individual hair strands are consistent in their thickness, and the dye evenly penetrates and colors the hair across strands. Remy hair, coming from up to 10 different donors, contains vastly different thicknesses across strands, so some strands are less colored or more colored given the same dye time.

Natural behavior when wet – whether going swimming, hopping in the shower, or sweating from a heavy exercise or night at the club, this hair has a more natural look than cheaper, remy hair. It tangles less, looks less disheveled, is easier to re-style back, and water drips off it more naturally. Cuticles give hair its water-resistant property, and stripped remy hair has an unnatural appearance when in a water or sweat environment. Virgin hair allows water/sweat to rest and roll down the hair more naturally.

Feeling supreme – knowing you have the better hair than those around you gives you confidence in your look, style, and color. It’s easy to see when someone wears cheap hair (remy hair), and easy to admire the looks of someone with a quality texture and feel. Save money over the long-run – with a higher initial cost, its tight to afford a few hundred bucks in one go. However, there’s a tradeoff – consider at about 2-3x the cost of remy hair, but 3-4x longevity, the hair pays for itself over a year if you’re buying cheaper hair every 4-6 months. Throw in the other benefits or purely natural, premium virgin hair and it’s just a better deal.

Softer texture, feel, and flow – while softness is relative to each person, virgin hair is truly softer, cooler to the touch, and silkier. Remy hair is processed and sometimes even re-dipped in a silicone solution to appear shinier and softer; but a few washes later, this deceptive layer disappears, and you’re left with dull, coarse hair. Virgin hair which is unprocessed retains its natural layers and therefor softness, shine, and flow. Less tangle and less knots – like shingles on a roof, cuticles of a hair strand flow in one direction. Virgin hair comes from one donor and is immediately bundled to keep the strands in the same direction. Remy hair, coming from an unknown number of donors, is mechanically realigned to mimic virgin or natural hair. However, this process is not perfect, resulting in about 10-20% of hairs oriented in the wrong direction. This misalignment causes the cuticles to grind against each other resulting in very undesirable tangling and knotting.

Less shedding – all hair strands have a finite thickness that determines its breakage point. Acid washed remy hair has degraded thickness and “tensile strength,” meaning it breaks and sheds more easily than healthy virgin hair. Enhanced styling – pre-processed hair in the case of remy is more difficult to style. The hair structure has already been considerably degraded through harsh chemical treatment and doesn’t accept color and heat as well and natural, virgin hair. The first salon session may go well, but you and your stylist quickly discover subsequent sessions become nearly impossible to achieve the results you want. Virgin or unprocessed hair retains its natural structure and can be repeated dyed and styled with considerable ease. Your stylist will thank you and you’ll be much happier with the creative results you seek.

Little to no smell – that “corn chip” or “wet dog” smell associated with AliExpress or other cheap hair vendors comes from the ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, persulfate, and acid bath residues remaining on remy hair after its processed. As virgin hair should never be chemically treated, it should never carry this smell. If the hair is washed with shampoo and conditioner and placed in a sealed bag before drying, it may have a “damp hair” smell. Therefor we always recommend washing the hair after you receive it and any odor will diffuse away shortly thereafter.